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Why Hybrid Contact Lenses?

Ever thought that a lens combining the visual performance of a rigid lens with the comfort of a soft lens would be a useful addition to your contact lens armoury? Well with the SynergEyes range of hybrid lenses this wish has been granted. Modern disposable soft toric lenses can be very successful for the majority of patients.
However, many soft toric patients with higher and/or oblique cylinders, do not always get the stability of vision they deserve or get from their glasses.
In fact: 85% of patients manually reorient lenses to regain vision1 and 82% of topic lens wearers regularly experience issues with their lenses1.

SynergEyes iD

SynergEyes iD is a breakthrough in contact lens design for people with astigmatism, presbyopia, myopia or hyperopia. It builds on the successful Duette lens, enhancing this design by using a more custom-made approach to get the optimum fit.

SynergEyes iD hybrid lenses are individually designed to each patient’s unique ocular measurements utilising keratometry and HVID readings, plus refraction. The lenses are empirically fitted, eliminating the need for multi-use diagnostic fit sets, or trial lens application. A patient’s unique corneal diameter and curvature drive the specific lens design, with new skirts following the linear shape of the sclera so there is no need to choose between fixed skirt or base curve options.

SynergEyes iD Multifocal EDOF

This multifocal version utilises the same design as the single vision lens, combining it with the proprietary Extended Depth of Focus (EDOF) design from the Brien Holden Vision Institute. These proven multifocal optics provide patients with a clear visual experience that transitions smoothly through all distances. Unique combinations of higher order abberations are utilised to elongate the patients depth of focus, for clearer vision at near, intermediate and distance.

The lenses are empirically fitted to each patient’s unique ocular measurements utilising keratometry and HVID readings, plus refraction.


This hybrid contact lens delivers high-performance vision and the comfort of a soft lens, with it’s gas permeable centre and silicone hydrogel skirt. Duette is ordered empirically and is ideal for mid-high astigmats, as vision is not affected by lens rotation.

Duette® Progressive

Duette Progressive is the ideal contact lens for astigmatic presbyopes.
It provides a seamless progression of power from distance to near or near to distance, giving each patient a personalised solution for their vision needs.
A choice of add powers are available in a Centre-Distance (CD) design for early presbyopes and Centre-Near (CN) design for advanced presbyopes. Patients can also be fitted with a combination of both designs.


This vaulted hybrid lens is designed for patients with irregular corneas, such as keratoconus, by vaulting the corneal ectasia. The gas permeable centre provides excellent vision. The silicone hydrogel skirt provides excellent comfort and centration.

Webinar series on SynergEyes

Learn more about the technology behind the SynergEyes contact lenses and how to market them in your practice.

Training sessions

Join one of our regular online EDOF training sessions where we will review hybrid fitting, demystify EDOF for presbyopia and offer top tips for fitting success.

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1. Study of 400 toric wearers; data on file.