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Advanced care for all types of lenses

Povidone-iodine solutions

cleadew Soft, GP and SL are patented povidone-iodine based systems for all soft (including silicone hydrogel), RGP and scleral lenses. All display high disinfecting efficacy against bacteria, viruses and acanthamoeba, while still ensuring safety to the corneal epithelium. They also remove the complex deposits of proteins and lipids that adhere to the lens surface, improving wearing comfort.

Cleaning and disinfecting system for use with soft contact lenses.

Cleaning and disinfecting system for use with gas permeable lenses.

Cleaning and disinfecting system for use with scleral contact lenses.

Introducing Povidone-iodine

In our upcoming webinar, we’ll discuss this revolutionary contact lens care harnessing the power of povidone-iodine. A new level of disinfection efficacy for contact lenses. This webinar will award 1 CPD Point.

Multipurpose Solutions

cleadew multipurpose solutions introduce Super Moist Dew (SMD) Technology, a new technology that keeps the lens surface hydrated for longer period of time. SMD improves the wettability of contact lenses in a way that is not achievable with existing moisturising ingredients.

In 4-hours cleadew MPS exerts a high level of disinfection not observed in conventional multipurpose solutions.

Multipurpose cleaning and disinfecting system for use with gas permeable contact lenses.

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