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UPDATE: Positive Impact no longer stocks The Eye Doctor range

As of Monday 1st May 2023, Positive Impact ceased selling The Eye Doctor range.

Fiercely Independent

As you know Positive Impact is committed to protecting the sales of independent practices. As such the availability of The Eye Doctor range in non-optical retailers (most recently WH Smith), on web sites such as Amazon, as well as the company’s own web site, was a constant source of discomfort. Now the relationship with The Eye Doctor has ended we can safely boast that nothing in our portfolio – contact lenses or dry eye products – are sold through non-optical retailers, helping to protect our customers repeat business.

TearRestore Thermal Mask

The primary motivation for our working with The Eye Doctor was to add its anti-microbial warm compress to the Dry Eye Zone®. Following a lengthy search to find an alternative to all the bag-based compresses currently available, we launched the TearRestore Thermal Mask at this year’s 100% Optical.

TearRestore is the first and only open-eye warm compress, enabling patients to be active during their daily compress session. The innovative design of the TearRestore Mask utilises anatomical norms during use to target the meibomian glands. It allows the user to blink throughout treatment, resulting in natural oil gland expression. Enclosed with this letter is an overview, including data from an independent clinical study carried out at the University of Colorado.

Contact us if you have any questions on 01424 851375 or email: sales@positiveimpact.co.uk

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