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Purifeyes harnesses the power of one of the most natural and effective known biocides - hypochlorous

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Ocular inflammation is consistently found in patients with dry eye and has become a reliable biomarker for both symptomatic and asymptomatic sufferers. An important part of the management of this inflammation is to reduce the bacterial load on the lid-margin.1,2,3

Hypochlorous is one of the most natural and effective biocides known with a broad-spectrum antimicrobial performance.4,5,6

As a non-pharmacological alternative to topical antibiotics a hypochlorous spray should be considered.
Hypochlorous, when in a spray form such as Purifeyes, may also help notoriously poor compliance levels and introduce a new level of patient care.


How Purifeyes works

Purifeyes works by reducing microbial overgrowth, inflammation and long-term dry eye symptoms. The solution cleanses, refreshes, soothes and hydrates, providing antimicrobial protection without the risk of microbial resistance.

It cares for the delicate periocular skin, eyelids, eyelashes and eyebrows for normal and sensitive eyes and is suitable for all ages.

Purifeyes can be used before contact lens insertion and removal, before and after sports, before lash and brow treatments and for daily hygiene. It can also be used for public transport/in-flight hydration and antimicrobial protection, as well as post periocular surgery aftercare.

The solution is easy to apply and can be sprayed directly onto the eye and surrounding area, or onto a cotton pad or gauze.

Purifieyes is recommended for the treatment, prevention and protection of eyelid margin inflammation which affects nearly all glaucoma patients on long term topical prostaglandin analogues, 60% of contact lens wearers and 85% of long-term VDU and digital device users.

Benefits of Purifeyes

Advanced proprietary science

Purifeyes harnesses the power of one of the most natural and effective known biocides - hypochlorous - in an ultra-pure form.

Enhanced patient care

Purifeyes antimicrobial spray has been developed to enhance patient hygiene and protection

Wide protection

Purifeyes provides broad spectrum activity against bacteria, fungi and viruses


Purifeyes is expertly formulated to be biocompatible with the delicate periocular skin

Reduces bacteria on lids and lashes

Purifeyes reduces the eyelid inflammation commonly seen in dry eye, glaucoma patients, contact lens wearers and long-term screen users.


The spray aids compliance as it can be applied directly on the closed eyelid and surrounding area – no cotton wool or cloth required

Non-stinging formulation

The formulated is pH balanced (7.0-7.3) and alcohol-free to help protect from the risk of stinging

Ideal for long-term use

A lack of antimicrobial resistance build-up means Purifeyes can be used daily in-practice, both pre- and post- procedure, and afterwards at home

Lid Hygiene Webinar

Sarah Farrant shares her best practice tips, as well as her recent experience using the NuLids electronic lid cleaning device and Purifeyes antimicrobial solution.

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