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Magic Touch launch

Magic Touch eye drops applicator

Magic Touch is the the easiest, most effective way to apply eye drops.

As an eyecare practitioner, you know how important eye drops are for some of your patients, especially those who suffer from Dry Eye Disease.

These expensive prescription eye drops get wasted, since recent studies on patients reveal that up to 9 out of 10 are unable to apply their eye drops correctly. 20% of patients don’t get any eye drop in and 70% hit their eye with the bottle, risking contamination. And some patients use up to 8 drops to succesfully apply just 1 drop.

Magic Touch lets the user actually see the single drop being applied without any waste, without the need of tilting the head back.


Apply one drop of medicine to the tip of the Magic Touch eye drop applicator and bring the fingertip device to your eye in a natural motion. By capillary action, the eye drop will “magically” jump onto your eye at the slightest “touch” to your eyelid.


The Magic Touch eye drop dispenser is made from lab tested, BPA-free, medical grade silicone and is the only applicator that contains a patented silver ion antimicrobial agent that eliminates up to 99.99% of microbes.


Magic Touch makes every drop count so your patients aren’t wasting product when missing the eyes.


No drops running down the cheeks or ruining makeup. Comes with a free travel case for your patients to keep with them on the go.

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