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High Resolution Orthokeratology

Alexa® AR

Alexa® AR features a 4-curve design for compensation up to -5.00D and a 5-curve design for compensation from -5.00 to -10.00D, in both cases with reverse band. The differential aspect of Alexa® AR is in the alignment zone that maximises horizontal force.

As a result, Alexa® AR offers exceptional centering and stabilisation, faster emmetropization speed, and a wider compensation range, up to -10.00D.

Material: Paragon HDS 100
(FDA approved for overnight/extended wear)

Diameter of Alexa® AR (all): 9.80 to 12.40mm

Power Range: Alexa AR: up to -10.00D in 0.25D steps
Alexa AR Toric: Cyl up to -3.50D in 0.25D steps

Advantages of Alexa® AR

Highest myopia compensation capability, up to -10.00 D

Reduced emmetropisation times

Optomised memory capacity

Easy empirical fitting

Alexa® AR Fitting Process

One of the key aspects that contributes to success using Alexa® AR lenses is the Optimised Fitting Process:

  •  Alexa® AR is a parametrised contact lens
  • Changes are easy to understand and perform when necessary
  • The result is very consistent for all compensations
  • Excellent management of astigmatism, enabling up to -2.00D with spherical lenses
  • Excellent treatment memory management at the end of the day
All we need to calculate your lenses is topography maps, including K readings and Spectacle Rx.

Want to find out more?

Learn more about this revolutionary ortho-k lens by watching our introductory webinar. If you have any questions or would like to book a 1-1 training session you can contact our Professional Services team.

Interested in fitting Alexa® AR in your practice?

Contact us to find out more about Alexa® AR and get fitting in practice.

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