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A good cleansing routine reduces bacterial overload and dislodges crusting and debris

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Effective eyelid and lash hygiene is considered a mainstream therapy in the management of certain types of dry eye conditions such as MGD and blepharitis.1 As well as helping reduce bacterial over-load a good cleansing routine will dislodge crusting and debris from the lids and lashes. Thorough cleansing also has the effect of helping to gently massage the lid area to help improve meibomian gland function. When blepharitis becomes intractable demodex maybe suspected so make sure your chosen eyelid cleanser is up to the job. Positive Impact includes DemEx in their Dry-Eye-Zone because it is gentle enough for everyday use but also able to help tackle more specialist cleansing needs such as the removal of demodex.
DemEx - The only eyelid cleanser you will need
  • Effective cleansing – DemEx is a foaming cleaner designed to improve the overall eyelid and lash hygiene and condition. The non-sticky foam is easy to use and is appreciated even by those patients where dexterity maybe an issue.
  • Gentle – this means that you can recommend DemEx to all your patients for daily use, with the assurance you are helping to protect their ocular health.
  • Effective against two strains of Demodex – contains only the active tea-tree oil extract 4-terpineol (T4O) which has been shown to be effective against Demodex folliculorum (Blepharitis/lash follicle) and Demodex brevis (meibomian gland). This delivers a higher level of the important active ingredient, whilst avoiding the potentially irritating effects of some other tea tree oil components.
  • Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties DemEx also has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties which helps overall eyelid condition.
  • Deep cleaning DemEx contains salicylic acid which is keratolytic, this means it helps soften and remove debris which maybe blocking pores to help the cleanser get to work.

Benefits of our
Cleansing Products

Effective cleansing


Effective against two strains of Demodex

Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory

Biodegradeable wipes

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1. L. Jones et al. TFOS DEWS II Management and Therapy Report. The Ocular Surface (2017) p594
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