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HydraMed is proven to deliver 5x more relief than HA alone


The use of artificial tears remains a first-line defence against dry eye symptoms.1 As our understanding of how the tear film changes in dry-eye patients, so does what we demand from an eye drop. Not all eye drops are created equally and it is important that when selecting the right eye-drop for your patients you consider, among other things, the mucomimetic and hydrating power, the osmolarity, viscosity and pH of the solution. In more severe cases, as well as HydraMed, you may want to consider punctal occlusion, the Circle of Care has you covered with a range of easy to fit Punctal Plugs.


HydraMed is uniquely formulated with two synergistic lubricants that combine to support the aqueous and mucus layers of the tear film; Hyaluronic Acid (HA) & Tamarind Seed Polysaccharide (TSP). 

These preservative-free dry eye drops give soothing and long-lasting relief for mild to moderate dry eyes. 

HydraMed Forte

HydraMed Forte uses the same unique TSP + HA formula but with double the HA to ensure soothing and long-lasting relief for moderate to severe dry eyes. 

Forte has the highest viscosity available for enhanced retention times.* 

*Updated Dry Eye Guide 2020 C.Christie Optician 28 August 2020

HydraMed Night Sensitive

Preservative & Lanolin Free Lubricating Eye Ointment with Vitamin A The improved lanolin-free formulation is for more sensitive eyes. With around 1 in 10 patients potentially allergic to lanolin this is the first gel of its type. The new formulation is also preservative-free and contains herbal extracts of calendula and chamomile for more soothing relief. 

HydraMed Night Sensitive also contains Vitamin A which is part of the natural tear film and is found in the cells of the cornea. This makes it effective when used topically.

HydraMed comes in two preservative free formats

To help meet differing patient needs, HydraMed is available in two formats, a 10ml Preservative Free Multi-Dose Bottle and and in a 30 pack Novel Re-Sealable Daily Dose Unit.

Magic Touch_Eyedrop applicator

Magic Touch Eye Drop Applicator

Do some of your patients struggle with eye drops?
The easiest, most effective way to apply eye drops is here.

Magic Touch, developed by an ophthalmologist, does away with the hit and miss method of tilting your head back and guessing. With just one touch to the eyelid Magic Touch ensures effective application every time. Contains a patented silver ion antimicrobial agent that kills 99.99% of microbes.

Get in touch to find out more about Magic Touch or to order.

What makes HydraMed unique

Unique synergistic bipolymer

TSP (tamarind seed polysaccharide) and HA (hyaluronic acid) has been clinically proven to outperform HA alone.

Performance enhancing properties

This unique bipolymer contains molecules which are viscoelastic, mucomimetic and hydrophilic.

5x more relief

HydraMed has been shown to outperform HA alone. The patented formulation delivers 84% longer pre-corneal retention times and is 5x more effective at rapidly relieving dry, gritty eye sensations.

Improves condition of ocular surface

After 30-days use there were improvements in the condition of the tear film and ocular surface, including a 48% improvement in microvilli condition, compared to HA alone.

Longer CL comfort

A practitioner lead study showed that simply placing a drop of HydraMed inside the lens before insertion resulted in 83% longer comfortable wear and a 4x reduction in reports of contact lens related dryness or grittiness.

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