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NaturalVue distribution agreement new enhanced product

Positive Impact announced a new agreement with Visioneering Technologies Inc. (VTI) making it the exclusive UK distributor for NaturalVue 1 Day Multifocal. The company has also announced that the UK is the first market, outside of the US, to be able to offer practitioners and their patients the new NaturalVue Enhanced 1 Day Multifocal lens.

Commenting on the distribution deal Managing Director Nick Atkins said, “We are delighted to now have a longterm contract with VTI to distribute NaturalVue and all future product development. We were previously working with VTI on a contract sales basis and this new agreement secures our relationship and ongoing commitment to the brand.”

Utilising the same fundamental lens design with patented Neurofocus Optics®, NaturalVue Enhanced 1 Day Multifocal has 2 new comfort enhancing innovations:

  1. TripleTear® lubrication system – 3 comfort agents including hyaluronic acid
  2. New ultra-tapered edge profile – Designed for optimal fit and comfort

From 7th March Positive Impact will be fulfilling all orders for trial lenses, 30-packs and 90-packs with NaturalVue Enhanced 1 Day Multifocal and will no longer be supplying the original lens. These performance enhancing benefits come at the same price as the original NaturalVue lens.

Commenting on the launch, newly appointed Professional Services Director Phil Thompson said, “NaturalVue Enhanced 1 Day Multifocal uses exactly the same patented optics generating an extended depth of focus and displays exactly the same fitting caracteristics. It fits, and is fitted, exactly the same as the current lens and so there is no refit required for existing patients.”

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