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Two choices with easy empirical fitting

Positive Impact (PI) has launched two new contact lenses in the UK, Alexa high resolution AR, offering a new concept in Ortho-K and Esencia, which is CE-marked for myopia control.

Alexa AR, from the pharmaceutical company Tiedra, has been successfully fitted in Spain since 2011. The differential aspect of Alexa AR is in the alignment zone that maximises horizontal force, offering exceptional centering and stabilisation, a faster emmetropisation speed and a wider compensation range up to -10.00D.

The Alexa AR design features four curves for compensation up to -5.00D and a five-curve design for compensation from -5.00 to -10.00D, in both cases with reverse band. The rigid gas permeable contact lenses are made from Paragon HDS 100 material, which is FDA-approved for overnight wear.

PI Professional Services Director, Phil Thompson, said: “One of the key aspects that contributes to success using Alexa AR is the unique design which means easy empirical fitting with better treatment memory management at the end of the day. Changes are easy to understand and perform when necessary and the result is consistent for all compensations.

Esencia is a patented, clinically proven, peripheral addition soft spherical and toric contact lens, also from Tiedra. The quarterly replacement Esencia offers easy empirical fitting and has an innovative design to modify peripheral retinal blur as a method to reduce or eliminate visual factors that induce myopic progression. It features a multi-aspheric power addition increasing plus power from the centre, with no area of hyperopic defocus.

The Esencia Toric is indicated for the correction and control of the progression of myopia in children and teenagers with up to 6.00D of corneal astigmatism, with axes around the clock.

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