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Introducing the NEW Dry Eye Zone™ Website

To support independent optometrists and ophthalmologists, as well as their dry eye patients who prefer to buy on the internet, we launched Dry Eye Zone, an innovative e-commerce website, unique in having a commercial conscience.

The site was launched in the 2020 Covid lockdown, just as the potential to lose patients to online retailers grew exponentially, primarily for our unique eye drop, HydraMed. However we have now extended the range available on Dry Eye Zone to cover our full best-in-class portfolio. Including; cleansers, sprays, supplements, cleaning devices & the new specialist Opto-cosmetics range, Èyes Are The Story.

How does it work?

Firstly, we give your patients the convenience of buying our products online and, via a vouccher code*, they get it delivered direct to their home – for FREE. 

Secondly – and this is the clever bit -, courtesy of the voucher code, we are able to recognise your support and endorsement of our products and issue you a rebate on your account.

Join the Dry Eye Zone

If you don’t currently stock our products, but are considering adding them to your dry eye product armoury – Sign up here.

If you do stock them but would like to offer your patients an easier way to get their dry eye treatments while still making your margin –
Sign up here

*Voucher code is only valid on orders over £30

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