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GLASKLAR HUB: A Conversation with Nicola Alexander-Cross

For this episode of Glasklar Hub our host Nick Atkins will be taking a peek (or should that be peep?!) into a rapidly growing business in the dry eye space – Peep Club. Peep Club was the brain-child of optometrist Nicola Alexander-Cross and she is the company’s co-Founder. Front and centre to the success of the the brand is its innovative Heated Eye Wand™.

Nick will discuss the development of the product and what sets it apart from traditional heat therapy options available on the market. As well as discovering more about this optometric entrepreneur’s exciting business venture, they will also chat about her motivation behind the business in addition to the challenges of a pandemic hitting at the exact same time as the planned launch of a new product.

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Nicola Alexander-Cross (pictured on the right), a qualified optometrist and co-founder of Peep Club. Starting her career in investment banking, she later pursued her passion for eye health. In 2020, she co-founded Peep Club with a mission to make eye health joyful. Since it’s launch Peep Club has garnered multiple industry awards with endorsement from beauty editors, influencers, and eye care professionals. With the Heated Eye Wand being clinically proven to improve MGD symptoms.

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