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Mei-Cam brings meibomian gland imaging at an affordable price

What is Mei-Cam

Created with the benefits of 3D printing technology, Mei-Cam brings meibomian gland imaging at an affordable price.

Utilising modern design and manufacturing processes, the Mei-Cam is an accessible every day tool for eyecare practitioners with an interest in  dry eye and ocular surface disease.

Meibomian gland imaging enhances patient compliance through appropriate patient education, improving outcomes in ongoing care.

Mei-Cam can be mounted easily on all makes of slit lamp using the focusing rod position. It is lightweight and elegant to use and combines with slit lamp illumination to also offer white light and fluorescein photography and video capture.

Mei-Cam can also be used hand-held, making it simple for assistants and technicians to add in to pre-test assessments.

Meibomian gland imaging is an essential component of dry eye assessment and monitoring, Mei-Cam innovative design and manufacture make it more affordable than ever before.  

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