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Safe and effective heat therapy for the management of MGD


The use of heat is a well-established and important adjunct therapy in the management of meibomian gland dysfunction. As an Eye Care Professional your challenge is to deliver this therapy to your patients effectively and safely.

TearRestore Warm Compress gives you this reassurance.

TearRestore Warm Compress

TearRestore’s open-eye warm compress delivers an effective, user friendly at-home treatment for MGD. Developed with assistance from industry leading physicians, TearRestore delivers therapeutic heat where it is needed while allowing the patient to see throughout treatment.

TearRestore is the first open-eye warm compress that allows patients to be active during their treatment. The mask has specifically designed, reusable, heat packs that target the oil glands of the eyelid while avoiding the globes, permitting the user to blink throughout treatment resulting in natural oil gland expression.

Benefits of
TearRestore Warm Compress

Targeted treatment

It targets the Meibomian glands, resulting in natural oil gland expression throughout use.

Consistent Heat

Supplies therapeutic heat (>40C) for a minimum of ten minutes every use, ensuring effective treatment


The only open-eye warm compress that allows patients to be active during treatment


Symptom improvement


Tear breakup time

* Reference data below


Increase in Functional
Meibomian Glands

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* Data was collected from a population of 22 eyes (age 18-89) of any race, gender or ethnicity, diagnosed with meibomian gland
dysfunction. Additional inclusion/exclusion criteria were applied. More information can be found at ClinicalTrials.gov