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The perfect eye drop helpers for your patients

Magic Touch_Eyedrop applicator

Magic Touch

Do some of your patients struggle with eye drops?
Magic Touch, developed by an ophthalmologist, contains a patented silver ion antimicrobial agent that kills 99.99% of bacteriais and it’s the easiest, most effective way to apply eye drops without tilting the head back or wasting any product. 

How Magic Touch works

Find out more about Magic Touch

Scientifically designed by ophthalmologist Dr Julius Shulman, Magic Touch virtually eliminates the waste and mess of using eye drop. Find out how.

Ezi Drops

Developed by Bhavesh Gokani, Ezi Drops is a simple ergonomically designed plastic device that effectively enables the safe and accurate instillation of eye drops of any kind, first time, every time. The applicator can be used with almost any drop bottle. It comes in four colours black, red, green and blue.

Find out more about Ezi Drops

One of the biggest barriers to successful medication and symptom relief is the inability to get enough of the drop into the eye to be effective – see how Ezi Drops helps with that.

Interested in using either of these products in your practice?

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