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The convenient and affordable new way to order and pay for your practice’s GLASKLAR® bottles


What is EasyPay

We introduced our EasyPay monthly payment plan to help with your cashflow when buying GLASKLAR®. As we all try to rebuild our businesses, there has probably never been greater need for the cash-flow benefits of EasyPay than right now! Similarly the GLASKLAR® benefits of customer service and retention have never been more important.

EasyPay key benefits

Smaller order quantities

We have made EasyPay even more flexible by introducing the option to use it to buy smaller bottle volumes. Now you can purchase any bottle quantity from as few as 300.

New lower monthly payments

We have also removed the 25% initial payment. The cost of your order is simply divided into equal payments across the term.

Best bottle price

With EasyPay you get the bottle price based on your purchase commitment without having to pay for them all in one go.

Interested in using GLASKLAR® in your practice?

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