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Easy to fit with retention guaranteed*


Punctal occlusion is a procedure proven to retain tears on the ocular surface. It is a simple and reversible way of reducing tear drainage that has a good safety profile.1

The advantages of punctal occlusion:

  • A convenient way for patients to improve their dry eye symptoms
  • Clinically proven to reduce Contact Lens Induced Dry Eye2
  • Reduces dependence on artificial tears2
  • The practice keeps the patient and their spend

Punctal Occlusion is a frontline Dry Eye management strategy

  • DEWS classifies Dry Eye into 4 severity levels where 1 is mild/episodic and 4 is severe/constant3
  • DEWS advises consideration of punctal occlusion for grade 2, moderate or chronic dry eye3

Who could benefit from plugging?

Dry Eye Disease is now understood to be a continuum with many patients having an aqueous (ADDE) and evaporative (EDE) component that are non-mutually exclusive in contributing their Dry Eye symptoms.

By maintaining a greater volume of natural tears on the ocular surface, punctal occlusion can help reduce patient symptoms regardless of whether ADDE or EDE is the predominant influencing factor.

Silicone Punctal Plugs Parasol®

Parasol is a clever non-dilating punctum plug design. Its novel hollow nose ensures ease of fitting and high retention rates. Parasol is equally simple to remove making occlusion reversible.

Simple sizing

Parasol comes in just four sizes making selection of the correct fitting plug easier than traditional plug designs.

Size comparison chart

Two sizes fit virtually all patients:

  • Small (72%) and Medium (23%)
  • X-small and large are available for unusually sized puncta

Painless Plug

The Painless Plug is like no other using an innovative 'one plug fits all’ design. The plug is shaped like bulb and is supplied stretched over the inserter minimising the need for dilation. Once in situ and released from the inserter, the bulb expands into the punctum securing it in place.

In the diagram:
1. Initial Shape of the plug stretched on the inserter.
2. Final Shape of the plug as in the punctum.


Inserting a contact lens uniquely challenges the tear film and ocular surface. Discomfort and specifically dryness sensations is still the leading cause of contact lens drop-out with:

  • Over 75% of patients discontinuing contact lens wear at one time or another due to discomfort5
  • Up to 50% of soft CL wearers complaining of dryness6

Punctal occlusion as an effective management strategy for CLIDE.7-8

Punctal occlusion reduces all cLIDE symptoms by around 50%2

A recent UK study showed that, following punctal plug fitting, there was a statistically significant reduction in the frequency, severity and overall sum of subjective symptoms associated with dryness among soft contact lens wearers.

Lenses removed less often following plugging

The contact lens wearers removed their lenses on average less than once a week due to dryness compared with several times a week prior to punctal occlusion.

Reduction in dry eye drop usage

Patients in the study used drops up to 5 times (average 2.1) a day in an attempt to relieve symptoms. After punctal occlusion, no patient needed drops more than twice (average 0.6) a day.

Interested in stocking Punctal Plugs in your practice?

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After having my left eye plugged a week ago, I have noticed a significant difference in the dryness and comfort of my left eye compared to the right. The procedure itself is quick and painless and now I am not having to rely on drops to lubricate my eye anymore I am looking forward to having the right eye done.

- The Contact Lens Practice

I really got a lot from the BVI Punctal Plug training in Birmingham two weeks ago. I have now received the plugs and fitted two patients succesfully. I also purchased a headband magnifier with led light - this makes both hands available and plug fitting much easier. Patients are impressed.
Aiden McCrystal

- Mccrystal Opticians

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* Retention Guarantee Terms & Conditions
1. This is a retention guarantee that assumes the correct size plug was fitted. 2. The replacement plug will be the same size as the original order. 3. If a different size plug is required it will be chargeable.