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Other Dry Eye Treatments


DemEx is a foaming cleanser which is free of allergens and consists of a synergistic blend of
ingredients of plant origin. The plant-derived formula was first developed for use in practice to
control Demodex infestation. It contains an active ingredient, T40 which is derived from tea
tree oil and is most effective against Demodex. Tea tree oil, such as that sold in health shops,
should not be used on the eyes but T40 is safe to use.

Massaged in gently by clean fingers, the DemEx cleanser gently removes harmful
microorgan-isms from the eyelids, the lash follicles and eyebrows. It is then rinsed off.

With a pleasant cool sensation, Demex reduces sebum production and unblocks the piloseba-ceous canals. It also helps reduce uv-induced erythema and fungal problems.
In addition, DemEx has antimicrobial and anti-inammatory properties meaning that it can
also be used as a soothing anti-bacterial face wash.

Eye Nutrients Dry Omega

  • Contains three Omega 3 essential fatty acids: 
    • EPA - helps reduce inflammation in dry eyes
    • DHA - helps rebuild damaged cells on the surface of the eye
    • DPA - a very strong anti-inflammatory to help soothe dry eyes
  • Omega 7 essential fatty acid - helps retain moisture in the membranes of the eye
  • Vitamin D3 - helps reduce ocular inflammation and increase tear film
Eye Nutrients was developed by consultant opthamologists specifically for eye health. 
  • Dry Omega is fresher and more stable than other Omega 3 products
  • No fishy smell or taste
  • Capsules made from fish gelatin, not beef
  • Contains more than 1500mg of Omega 3 + 7 plus Vitamin D3
  • Available in capsules (take 2 per day) or liquid (take 1 x 5ml spoon per day)

Blefarette / Med

Blefarette is a soft disposable wipe in non-woven material that contains cleansing and emollient substances specific for cleaning the area around the eyes. It is delicate enough to be used every day even in the case of inflammatory reactions on the edge of the eyelids.

Blefarette is a paraben, alcohol and silicon free non-greasy wipe which gives a pleasant sensation of freshness and wellness.

The formulation of Blefarette Med contributes to the recovery of the physiological conditions of the delicate eye area, particularly well-suited to help antiseptics before and after surgery and in case of inflammations of the eye and the eyelid (conjunctivitis and blepharoconjunctivitis)