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InflammaDry® is the only rapid, in-practice dry eye test that detects MMP-9, a biomarker for inflammation that is consistently elevated in the tears of dry eye patients. All other dry eye tests measure tear production and stability. InflammaDry® recognises elevated levels of MMP-9 to identify patients that may otherwise be missed with other dry eye testing methods.

Identify Dry Eye

Dry eye disease, or dysfunctional tear syndrome, is an extremely common condition that is often under diagnosed and affects 5-30% of the population ages 50 and over.

InflammaDry® is the first and only, rapid, in-practice test that detects MMP-9, an inflammatory marker that is consistently elevated in the tears of patients with dry-eye disease.

Commit to making the right diagnosis with an easy-to-use, in-practice, dry eye test that gives accurate results in as little as 10 minutes.

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  • Detects elevated levels of MMP-9 in tear fluid, to identify inflammation.
  • Provides rapid results, as soon as 10 minutes.
  • Accurate, with higher sensitivity and specificity, than other dry eye tests.


  • By identifying and treating patients with dry eye, pre-surgical measurements are more accurate and post-surgical outcomes are improved.
  • Reduce post-surgical complications, such as corneal wound healing, by identifying dry eye prior to surgery.
  • Therapeutic treatment of dry eye will improve patient quality of life


  • Disposable, in-practice diagnostic test that requires just 4 easy steps.
  • Low cost test requires no additional equipment to administer or interpret.


  • MMP-9 is a more sensitive diagnostic marker for dry eye than clinical signs alone.
  • Inflammation is present before the clinical signs of dry eye.
  • Increased MMP-9 activity in dry eyes may contribute to deranged corneal epithelial barrier function, increased corneal desquamation, and corneal surface irregularity.


  • Dry eye disease may require an extensive treatment plan and continuous therapy.
  • Artificial tears and punctal occlusion may improve signs and symptoms, while helping to decrease visual irritation. 
  • Anti-inflammatory therapies have been shown to decrease MMP-9 activity.


  • Results as soon as 10 minutes.

Latest Events

BCLA 2019

Event Date: 30th May 2019 - 1st June 2019

Event Region: Manchester

Positive Impact will be launching the new formulation HydraMed Night gel. The improved lanolin-free formulation is for more sensitive eyes. HydraMed will take centre stage in the company’s ‘best in class’ dry eye portfolio, as part of the Dry Eye Zone.

Director of Marketing and Professional Sales, Nick Atkins, will also be presenting in the Exhibitor Pavilion on Friday 31 May at 3.30pm. His presentation, ‘One dry eye drop to replace them all!’ will focus on the unique formulation and performance of HydraMed.

HydraMed is a dry eye drop using a natural bi-polymer to rapidly relieve dry gritty sensations in contact lens and non-contact lens wearers. Regular use of this unique and patented drop formulation is clinically proven to improve patient comfort and the condition of the tear film and ocular surface, in less than 1-month. The bi-polymer is an interaction of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Tamarind Seed Polysaccharide (TSP) that displays increased water absorption compared to the single polymers. This presentation will share data showing that HydraMed really is in a league of its own in improving the signs and symptoms of contact lens and non-contact lens Dry Eye.

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Specialist Club | 21st March

Event Date: 21st March 2019 - 21st March 2019

Event Region:

Astigmatism: Contact Lens options when disposables can’t cope

‘Specialist Club’ is an exciting new educational initiative. Whilst not strictly a club it’s designed to bring together like-minded practitioners keen to develop their sphere of practice in interesting new directions – some a niche and some not so niche.

This 2nd Specialist Club is once again focused on contact lenses. Following rave reviews at our inaugural meeting we are delighted that our keynote speaker Indie Grewal returns to share how he’s successfully commercialised so-called ‘specialist’ contact lenses.

The theme is fitting lenses for astigmatism when disposable lenses no longer work or don’t have the range. It is a must attend event for anyone specialising in contact lenses or those interested in expanding their scope of fitting beyond just disposable soft lenses.

It’s not often that you’ll find this quality of interactive education, covering so many useful lens types, under one roof. Not only that but the cost of attendance is dwarfed by the value of the free lenses being offered by the sponsors.

Places are limited so early booking is advised.

Programme highlights include:

  • Fitting live patients with:
    • Hybrid, toric GP, scleral and soft toric lenses
  • Topography session
  • Hands-on session with hybrid and sclerals

Attendance includes:

  • Lunch & refreshments
  • Free pairs of lenses worth over £340!
  • Places strictly limited

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