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 A novel electronic device for Evaporative Dry Eye

NuLids Device


NuLids is an electronic lid cleaning device for the treatment of evaporative dry eye, MGD and/or blepharitis. The device is available in two formats, one for the dry eye practitioner use on patients and another for dry eye patients to purchase for home use.

The device’s rotating disposable silicone Soft Tip is normally used for 15 seconds per eyelid and is timed by the device to aid compliance. As such the whole treatment usually takes just one minute per day, unless the practitioner deems it clinically necessary for more frequent use.

NuLids cleans bacteria and desiccated skin from the eyelid margin, de-capping and opening the meibomian glands. The massage breaks up stagnant meibum in the glands improving circulation.


Clinical Data

Prospective, multi-centre study. 74 eyes of 37 patients.
  • 91% agree or strongly agree that device is convenient and easy to use 
  • 89% noted little or no discomfort 

Those previously using lid scrubs:

  • 82% felt NuLids was easier and more comfortable to use
  • 91% were comfortable using NuLids within 1-week
  • 95% were statisfied or very satisfied with the treatment