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Èyes Are The Story - Cosmetics uniquely focused on eye health

Èyes Are The Story

Every day we are assaulted by harmful invisible toxins, from atmospheric pollution to food toxicity, our bodies are at war. Especially our eyes. Now you can consciously protect them with our new breed of opto-cosmetics. Uniquely created for sensitive eyes, contact lens users, and sufferers of dry eyes, our clinically tested formulas are endorsed by leading innovators in the field of vision health. We’ve blacklisted toxic ingredients found in mainstream cosmetics and skincare, and developed highly effective products without asking you to pay the ultimate price: your health. We not only embrace the safe beauty movement, we’re leading a new conversation about optimal eye protection. Smart Eye Science for Your Boldest, Safest Beauty.

Mascara Trio

This flake-free mascara is formulated to protect, strengthen and extend lashes for a natural and elegant look, whilst keeping eye comfort in mind.
Our intense Noir pigment and creamy texture combine with our anti-clumping brush to volumise lashes, keeping them healthy and lifted. Each set comes with three mini mascaras, intentionally designed to help minimize contamination and bacteria build-up, traditionally caused by overuse of the same mascara wand over long periods of time.

Eye Proof Liquid Liner

Define your eye drama with our noir precision Eye Proof Liquid Liner, encased in a sleek felt-tipped pen. Enjoy a creep-free, easy glide—from the thinnest of lines
to the boldest strokes. Hyaluronic Acid used with a proprietary preservative system to promote safe and comfortable daily use while still ensuring non-flaking, non-drying, non-burning & non-irritating wear.

Eye Proof Facial Cleanser

Purifying bio-botanical Eye Proof Facial Cleansing Gel awakens skin clean and clear with a potent cocktail of antioxidants and plant nutrients. Olive Leaf Extract synergises with Vitamin C+K to melt away dirt, impurities, and makeup. Glow-inducing ‘Resveratrol’ kicks in to repair and plump, leaving your skin radiant and nourished, while protecting the precious skin barrier and sensitive eyes. Gentle enough to use every morning and night.

Eye Proof Serum

Revitalising bio-botanical Eye Proof Serum that multitasks from eye-to-face, quenching skin’s daily thirst for hydration and replenishment. High molecular weight Sodium Hyaluronate works synergistically with other ingredients to plump, nourish and repair with every application. Hylaronic Acid is included to visibly plump skin and seal in hydration for softer, glowing, younger-looking skin and ‘Resveratrol’ which works on a cellular level to fight ageing and inflammation linked with dry eye disease.

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