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Nocturnal Night Lenses - Freedom from glasses, day contact lenses & laser eye surgery

NOCTURNAL™ contact lenses

NOCTURNAL™ contact lenses are only worn when you sleep. They correct your short-sight by gently and harmlessly moulding the outer layer of cells on your eye into your lens while you sleep to create a perfectly shaped eye.
Simply wake, remove and have perfect vision all day, complete freedom without the need for daytime contact lenses or spectacles. Unlike laser surgery it’s not permanent, as your eye reforms every night as the outer cells naturally shed while you sleep. Repeat nightly as part of your routine. 
No more eye discomfort or dryness, no need to worry about your contacts at the pool, shower or on the sports field … just great eyesight all day!
Nocturnal by Scotlens

Benefits of Night Lenses

Stable corrected vision 24 hours a day

No contact lens related dryness or discomfort

Freedom of having naturally good eyesight

Potential for myopia control

None of the risks of laser eye surgery

Lifestyle change for similar cost of contact lenses

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Webinar on Nocturnal™

Learn more about the technology behind the Nocturnal™ contact lenses and how to market them in your practice.

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