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We make gentle but thorough eyelid massage easier and faster with Nulids


One of the simplest therapies a dry eye patient can be offered is the expression of meibum through eyelid massage.

Showing patients how to gently massage their eyelids is standard practice and is most effective when used in conjunction with heat therapy and cleansing.
However, both take time and have to be carried out regularly, this means compliance can be an issue.

An easy way to take eyelid cleansing and massage to a new level is the Nulids electronic lid cleansing device.

Nulids device

Nulids device

Nulids, an electronic lid cleansing device, which is quick and simple to use either in practice or by the patient at home.

An eye cleaning foam, such as DemEx, is applied over the closed eyelid and Nulids then gently massages the eyelid, resulting in lid exfoliation and stimulating meibomian gland expression.

Professional massage & cleansing with Nulids

Proven efficacy

Statistically significant improvement in OSDI, tear osmolarity, TBUT, MGS, MGYLS and Ocular Staining Score after one month use.

Helps remove stagnant meibum

The massage breaks up stagnant meibum in the glands improving circulation.

Cleans away debris

Cleans away bacteria and desiccated skin from the eyelid margin, de-capping and opening the meibomian glands.

Safe and hygienic

The device uses rotating disposable silicone soft tips for hygiene and safety.

Quick and easy to use

Built-in 15 seconds timer, the recommended time per eyelid, to aid compliance.

Prospective, multi-centre study

In a study undertaken amongst 74 eyes of 37 patients, 91% of whon agree or strongly agree that the device is convenient and easy to use, 89% noted little or no discomfort. From those previously using lid scrubs, 82% felt Nulids was easier and more comfortable to use. 91% were comfortable using Nulids within 1-week and 95% were satisfied or very satisfied with the treatment.


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Results from multi-centre study of 37 patients during a 30 day trial.