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TearLab Selects Positive Impact as Commercial Partner

Publish Date: 30th April 2019

TearLab Selects Positive Impact as Commercial Partner for the UK and Ireland Markets

TearLab® Corportation and Positive Impact (PI) have initiated a partnership in the UK and Ireland markets for the promotion and market development of TearLab's award winning diagnostic platform. PI is an established player in the eye care space and has been offering in-practice sales and product training via highly knowledgeable consultants for more that 10 years. PI specialises in clinical education and promotes a select range of Dry Eye Disease products. 

Nick Atkins, Director of Marketing and Professional Services for Positive Impact said, "We look forward to this new partnership with TearLab and believe the company's point-of-care technology will complement well our portfolio of products for management of the ocular surface. This technology dovetails perfectly with our growing portfolio of best-in-class dry eye diagnostic and treatment products."

TearLab provides objective and quantitative testing for disease markers in tears at the point-of-care (POC). The TearLab Osmolarity System allows clinicians to measure osmolarity of human tears, helping to diagnose and manage patients suspected of having dry eye disease. With more than 6,000 devices installed around the world and over 14 million tests conducted to date, TearLab is the global leader in POC testing for the eye care market.

"TearLab helps me and my patients by providing quantitative values as a metric for Dry Eye diagnosis and to endorse my treatment strategies. Patients like a number" said Nick Dash, Honorary Lecturer at Cardiff University Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences and Association. "TearLab is a proven platform supported by the peer-reviewed literature, and it further enables me to monitor patients on therapy, providing an objective way to measure how patients progress over time."

"We are very excited about this new partnership with the Positive Impact team," explains Paul Smith, Executive Vice President from TearLab. "PI's deep experience in clinical education make it an ideally suited partner to support and continue developing the UK and Ireland markets for both existing TearLab users and new clinicians alike."