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Proof is Clear to See

Publish Date: 7th August 2018

Whilst we know GLASKLAR brings patients back into our stockists’ practices, we decided to conduct a consumer survey to prove it! So one afternoon in May we took our display to the local shopping mall and in return for cleaning their specs and a free bottle of GLASKLAR and a cloth, we surveyed 50 spectacles wearers.

Food for thought is that only 14% of respondents had ever been offered lens cleaner for free (10%) or to buy (4%) at their collection appointment and only 1 of those had ever gone back to buy more!


Here are the key results in focus…


Customer Service:

70% strongly agreed/agreed that free GLASKLAR shows that their optician cares about their eyewear investment

90% strongly agreed/agreed that they would feel comfortable returning for free GLASKLAR refills


Loyalty & Referral:

75% strongly agreed/agreed free GLASKLAR would make them more likely to go back to purchase future glasses

73% strongly agreed/agreed free GLASKLAR would encourage them to recommend their optician


Glasklar Performance:

100% of the respondents felt the performance of Glasklar was exceptional and/or better that their current method

82% strongly agreed/ agreed that they care for the environment and prefer refilling