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Kirk & Kirk Collaboration

Publish Date: 12th March 2020

GLASKLAR and Kirk & Kirk announced a new collaboration on the first day of 100% Optical in January, with the news creating such a buzz that it was filmed by OT and widely covered by the optical press.
Under the collaboration, GLASKLAR’s UK distributor, Positive Impact, is supplying Kirk & Kirk with the lens cleaner in a choice of its 12 colours to match the company’s colourful frames, enabling its independent stockists to gift the sprays to their patients in a colour matching their frame purchase.  
Positive Impact is also offering Kirk & Kirk stockists a GLASKLAR lens cleaner refill station for their practice at a discount, with a further ongoing discount on future bottle purchases. Once a refill station is in a practice, Positive Impact can supply bottles branded with the practice’s own details to encourage patients back into the practice for free refills, and the opportunity to browse the regularly updated Kirk & Kirk ranges.
Positive Impact’s managing director, Maxine Green, said: “Like GLASKLAR, Kirk & Kirk champions authenticity, creativity, style and quality. Kirk & Kirk’s unique, distinctive material in colours that are often imitated but impossible to duplicate are just like GLASKLAR. Using GLASKLAR’s natural cleaning product will keep the Kirk & Kirk colours vibrant and fresh, with the lenses in optimal condition too.”
Kirk & Kirk managing director, Jason Kirk, concluded: “GLASKLAR is a high-end product that supports the notion of treating your eyewear with care. By offering a quality lens cleaning solution with our frames, we are adding value to our client proposition.
“This also encourages the consumer to go back to their optician for a free top up of lens cleaner enhancing the love triangle between Kirk & Kirk, the optician and the consumer.”