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Join the Hub Club for Inspiration

Publish Date: 3rd January 2019

Our first GLASKLAR Hub meeting to help inspire our customers was such a success that more are now being planned for next year.


Our free inaugural marketing event was launched in October and shared ideas for improving customer service, driving patient loyalty and increasing patient retention.

It had the theme ‘See You Again Soon’ and was held at Regent’s University London, attracting 20 proactive independents.

Explaining the ethos behind the first event, Director of Marketing and Professional Services, Nick Atkins, explained: “GLASKLAR is an excellent customer retention and referral tool and so it made sense that the next development should be to provide further marketing support to our customers.

We already offer point-of-sale and merchandising support and the idea of complimentary marketing seminars seemed a logical development,” he highlighted.


Memorable Spectacle Collections

At the first GLASKLAR Hub, the guest speaker was dispensing optician Dan Scott, one of the most sought-after eyewear stylists in the UK.

“The fitting appointment is the most valuable appointment you can make,” he told delegates in his presentation, ‘Making Spectacle Collections Memorable Experiences.’


Additional Sales

He explained that done well, that single appointment could result in additional spectacle and accessory sales, improve customer retention and increase referrals. It could also lead to good social media content such as positive reviews.

“The patient’s lasting impression of us and the biggest moment for them is the exciting moment they pick u their new glasses,” he emphasised.

Urging practitioners to capitalise on that excitement, he recommended having a checklist to tick off at the fitting appointment so that potential opportunities were not missed.

Supporting him was Nick who further developed Dan’s theme in his presentation ‘Customer Loyalty: Doing a Good Job is No Longer Enough.’

The event concluded with an interactive workshop during which delegates enthusiastically shared their ideas on maximising patient referrals which are working for them in their own practices.