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Gifting that pays off

Publish Date: 3rd January 2019

Here at GLASKLAR we think we have the most cost effective way of driving patient footfall back into the practice in between regular eye exams. The GLASKLAR team believe the return on investment in giving away the bottles is seen in the goodwill, loyalty, referrals and additional purchases generated as a result of patients returning to the practice more often.



The FREE refill element is the real driver of patient loyalty and every return visit provides opportunities for you to tell your patients about new eyewear, products or services. It helps build their relationship with your practice, encourages them to try on new styles and hopefully buy new eyewear,, or book appointments, thereby helping your business to grow.


While we leave our customers to decide who they gift or sell a bottle to, it is interesting to observe that we have practices that gift GLASKLAR to every spectacle purchase, through to those who sell every bottle and all options in between. Unsurprisingly then, this created good discussion at our first GLASKLAR Hub meeting.


How GLASKLAR can self-fund

Additionally, highlighting the simple concept of how practices could make GLASKLAR pay for itself also received positive feedback and food for thought at the Hub event.


EXAMPLE: Buy 1200 bottles Sell at £7 each

In this scenario the practice only needs to sell 30%* to cover its initial outlay - that’s just 7 bottles a week!

This leaves 800 bottles to give away at no cost to the business.

Of course if sold bottles are at a higher price the practice could afford to give even more away!


Clearly the FREE refill initiative works, whether the bottle is sold of gifted because the cleaning solution is always free from GLASKLAR. + More importantly, patients return to your practice for additional lens cleaner and NOT the supermarket, pharmacy, or worse, one of your competitors.


It’s also a great referral tool!

The Hub meeting also highlights how GLASKLAR is an excellent referral tool because gifting or selling an extra bottle to the patient for a friend or family member is another way of driving footfall to the practice and gaining new customers.


*based on a bottle purchase of £1.99

+subject to a fair usage policy