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EziDrops Launch

Publish Date: 16th June 2020

Positive Impact (PI) has become optometric distributors for EziDrops, the novel eye drops applicator. Developed by Bhavesh (Bob) Gokani the simple ergonomically designed plastic device effectively enables the safe and accurate instillation of eye drops of any kind, first time, every time. The applicator can be used with almost any drop bottle. It comes in four colours black, red, green and blue and retails for £5.99.


Inventor Bob Gokani commented, “I created EziDrops because I started suffering from hayfever at the age of 50.  I found putting in eye drops, almost impossible and so set about to explore both the marketplace and a simple device to answer all the problems associated with actually getting eye drops into your eyes. EziDrops was born.


PI Director of Marketing and Professional Services Nick Atkins added, “This is one of those simple genius devices that just works and makes people’s lives easier. In this case it helps those who struggle to get drops in their eye particularly due to a strong blink reflex that means their eye closes before the drop is delivered. One of the biggest barriers to successful medication and symptom relief is the inability to get enough of the drop into the eye to be effective – EziDrops solves all that better than any other devices I’ve ever seen.”


Bob concluded, “I met Nick on a webinar where we were both pitching a new business idea and it became clear that with his and his fellow Director Maxine Green’s experience in the sector, Positive Impact would be able to have just such a positive effect for the product in optometry.”