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Cutting ‘in’ the middleman

Publish Date: 20th April 2020

Positive Impact (PI) has launched as a new and innovative way to support independent practitioners and their patients in receiving HydraMed eyedrops to their home. PI says the web site’s USP comes from allowing the patient to buy online without cutting out the practice from the sale.


When ordering HydraMed via the web site, the consumer enters a unique code provided to them by their practitioner. This code enables the patient to get free delivery and access to special offers. Additionally, it is a unique identifier for the patient’s practice, thus guaranteeing the practice receives its margin on the sale.


PI Marketing and Professional Services Director Nick Atkins commented, “We had been thinking about this idea for a while. The current COVID19 lockdown proved serendipitous; both from the fact that there is clearly a need to support dry eye patients with ongoing supplies to home and that with most normal business on hold, we also had more time to work on bringing the concept to reality. We are excited about this web site as it turns the conventional stock in trade model on its head whilst allowing the patient to order their supplies when they need them - 24/7.”


Managing Director Maxine Green added “We are surprised at how many eye-drop companies actually have a ‘direct-to-consumer’ sales web site - effectively biting the practitioners’ hand that feeds them. This model ensures that we don’t cut out the middleman who has recommended HydraMed to their patient. It also means the patient isn’t forced to either travel to the practice or, for convenience, resort to purchasing elsewhere. Not only will this new model help drive better compliance, it will help manage cash-flow at a time when cash is king.  We believe this novel alternative approach is the classic win-win scenario”.