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Publish Date: 18th December 2019

Positive Impact has donated a co-branded dispenser and bottles of the Glasklar lens cleaner to the ABDO National Resource Centre in Birmingham, the association’s flagship education and examinations hub.
The donation is in the reception area of the National Resource Centre (NRC) so that students and practitioner visitors can see the Glasklar dispenser when they walk in, encouraging them to read the information and take a bottle of the free lens cleaner to try it for themselves.
The information leaflets explain how the Glasklar initiative encourages patient loyalty and future spectacles sales by enticing patients back into the practice when they need to replenish their lens cleaner using the bright dispenser bottle.
Matthew Stringer of the NRC said: "We first saw Glasklar at an event Positive Impact held at the National Resource Centre and were instantly drawn towards its unique look and idea.
“We got to thinking about the amount of footfall the National Resource Centre has and how we could collaborate in promoting each other. It's all looking great now and is proving very popular with our visitors."
Mr Atkins concluded: “We wanted to inject a little bit of Glasklar colour to the National Resource Centre, hoping that the bright red dispenser could grab the eye of visitors walking in and draw them closer to read a little more about how Glasklar works. Now we’ve created bottle-carrying ambassadors, not just for Glasklar but for ABDO NRC, encouraging them to come back, as you would with Glasklar in practice.”