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Syndicated (shared) Sales

Use of syndicated teams is sought after because it is cost-effective and successful way to quickly get ‘feet on the street’, especially for clients who cannot afford to have a dedicated field sales force. A slot in a syndicated team may be used as an long-term strategy or as an additional resource for product launches or campaign supplementation.

Our syndicated service provides clients with shared, face-to-face product detailing, with 2 or 3 other client products that are non-conflicting but who need access to the same decision maker. We apply a similar model to that tried and tested in the pharmaceutical sector, by presenting a portfolio of up to 4 products from different vision-care companies to eye care practitioners in 1 convenient appointment.

By sharing the cost of the representative, the cost to each client of sending a sales person into practice is significantly reduced. Not only that, but the period for which the client employs the service is totally flexible, allowing activity to be maximised around specific programmes in the marketing calendar.

Your customers will also enjoy the benefits!

These are challenging times for buyers with time at a premium simply dealing with day to day business matters. Our syndicated service will maximise their time and ensure that they are introduced to products and services that can help drive their businesses forward.

The benefit to the customer is that they will be able to hear about products and services that they might not otherwise readily come across, because either:
  • the supplier does not have a sales team contacting their business
  • as busy practitioners have simply missed any direct marketing &/or advertising
Additionally, the model provides the convenience of a number of different items being detailed in a similar amount of time to that given over to one appointment with one company detailing just one product.