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Malcolm Robinson

Sales Executive

Malcolm brings over 20 years of experience in sales and a winning personality to our team.

Malcolm has many hobbies but the one to which he is most known is researching the mysteries of the unexplained, where he has achieved many accolades.

Malcolm was the first Scotsman to give a lecture on UFOs in the United States of America, Holland, France and Ireland.

Malcolm is assistant Editor of Outer Limits Magazine and is one of only a handful of people on this planet who can say that they have been down to a depth of over 600 feet when he went down in a submarine in Loch Ness back in 1994. Malcolm is also the author of 7 books.


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Covid-19 Update
26th March 2020

Ocular Surface Insight (OSI) Meeting

12th March 2020

Kirk & Kirk Collaboration
12th March 2020

BCLA Conference 2020

14th June 2020

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