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Positive Impact started life as a specialist ophthalmic contract sales company in 2008, having been set up set up by two leading figures in the UK optometric sector, Nick Atkins and Maxine Green.

Between them the two entrepreneurs have over 60 years of combined experience in the ophthalmic sector. Since 2013 the company has developed its own portfolio of products that it distributes in the UK and Ireland.

The Positive Impact Vision is:

●  To work in partnership with its clients and suppliers with a single-minded purpose and passion

to achieve commercial goals

●  To deliver a sales strategy and infrastructure on brief, on budget and on time

●  To deliver effective product detailing - driving sales and generating profit

●  To provide a flexible and cost-effective approach to our clients sales needs

●  To create innovative strategies that will positively impact opinions, perceptions and increase demand for its clients and its own products and/or services

The company’s original and current business model provides the ophthalmic industries with an outsourced, turnkey, human sales and training resource on a (short and longer-term) contract basis. The business follows a similar model to that successfully used in the pharmaceutical industry. Positive Impact applies a similar principle to the optical, optometric and ophthalmology areas. One of the key features is that our team are trained and experienced in ‘the eye business’ and thus are able to work knowledgably with a wide range of products to the benefit of both the client and their customers – eye-care practitioners (ECP).


Client Benefit

Many companies that have looked at syndicated sales forces in the past have been put of largely because the sales agents have zero understanding of optics and the eye, making intelligent discussion of their product impossible. The Positive Impact team either have previous experience in the product sector or will be trained in-house to a level of knowledge that ensures they can have an intelligent conversation with the customer about any of the products they are carrying.


ECP Benefit

The benefit to the customer is that they are be able to hear about products and services that they might not otherwise readily come across, because either:

1. The company does not have a sales team contacting their business

2. As busy practitioners have simply missed any direct marketing &/or advertising

Positive Impact’s core contract services include:

●  Face-to-face vision-care sales calls

●  In-practice training and CET delivery

●  Virtual sales/telemarketing solutions

●  Dedicated or shared (syndicated) sales representation

In more recent years the company has developed an additional business by utilising its sales

resource to distribute its own range of products. The longest standing of these products is

GLASKLAR – a co-branded, refillable spectacle lens cleaner that doubles as customer loyalty programme for high street optometry.

The directors experience and interest in the dry eye sector has, since 2015, seen Positive Impact develop what it describes as a ‘best in class’ dry eye portfolio. The current product range includes:

● BVI Punctal occluders  - including the patented, non-dilating Parasol silicone plug design

● InflammaDry  – the only rapid, in-practice dry eye test that detects MMP-9

● HydraMed  – a unique, patented eye drop formulation that improves dry eye symptoms


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